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Precast production pallet

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The precast production pallet is used to produce precast concrete elements. By placing all kinds of side moulds, it can produce exterior wall panels, interior wall panels, composite floor panels, air conditioning panels etc. The precast concrete production line can be Stationary precast pallet and pallet carousel system according to production capacity requirement. We make different sizes of precast pallet according to customer’s requirements. 3.5mx9m,4mx9m,4mx10m, 4mx12m etc.

The pallet is moved from workstation to workstation. Therefore passes through the various production steps for the manufacture of precast concrete panels. The production pallet consists of a painted shake-proof welded steel structure with a polished smooth mould surface.

As an alternative, the pallet can also be used in a stationary production or as production bed in the desired length. According to the client’s requirements, the production beds can be equipped with a compacting and/or heating system, hydraulic erection


  1. Using pre-arch technology in grid processing and finite element analysis, Structural durability, fatigue strength during vibration and erection, normal use can reach 3000 times
  2. Finite element analysis shows that the deformation is 2 mm under the maximum load.
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