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Pallet cleaning machine

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After demoulding of precast concrete wall panels and elements. The Pallet cleaning device cleans the concrete attached to the empty Production Pallet

Equipment Composition

The pallet cleaning machine is composed of a set of slag shovels, two sets of horizontal brushing rolls, a strong support frame, dust collector, a slag hopper and electrical system.

Functional introduction

The Pallet cleaning device cleans up the concrete slag attached to and scattered on the pallet. Collects it into the slag cleaning hopper. The slag shovel can shovel the attached concrete. Transverse brushing roller can clean the concrete slag on the bottom mould. After the pallet passes, it falls into the slag hopper. The dust raised by the brush can be sucked into the filter bag by the vacuum cleaner to avoid dust pollution. The control system integrates with spraying demoulding machine device to reduce the number of operators.
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