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NC Plotter machine

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The NC Plotter machine marks out the product contours generated from CAD data on the pallet surface full size using water-soluble paint. A robot system can also be used to increase the level of automation.

Equipment Composition

The NC Plotter machine is mainly composed of mechanical parts, control systems, servo systems, and marking systems.

The mechanical structure is mainly composed of walking support, cross beam, main and auxiliary end beam, precision guide rail and control panel.

The control part includes a numerical control system, a set of electrical appliances and a control panel.

The service system consists of an X-axis motor, Y-axis motor, and servo transformer.

The marking system consists of a marking car, marking support, a marking brush, and a pen-and-ink system.

Functional introduction

The NC Plotter machine is a bridge structure, which is driven by a bilateral servo. It runs stably and works efficiently. With automatic spray gun device, automatic elevation induction device and friendly man-machine operation interface, it is suitable for drawing lines of common model laminates and wall panel bottom dies of various specifications. Complex graphics can be processed according to actual requirements, and an accurate positioning system ensures the accuracy of graphics. Automatic programming software, easy to operate, strong controllability. It has a data connection port.


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