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Demouling agent spraying device

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Demoulding agent spraying device sprays the release agent to the surface of the pallet after the pallet surfaces are cleaned. The entire pallet surface or only the surface to be cast in concrete can be coated with a release agent. The pallet’s surface is roughly cleaned through Pallet cleaning device, then in depth through rotating roll brushes. Adjustable and swiveling nozzles spray oil on the steel plate and side moulds. Such operations are pivotal to ensure a top-quality finishing of the concrete panel surface.


1.  The spray system can use automatic and manual spray demoulding oil. 2.  Adopt adjustable atomizing nozzle; Demouling agent spraying device flow and aerosol pressure can be adjusted to ensure uniform spray on the mould surface. 3.  The lifting system adopts electric and mechanical double protection design, with a high operation safety level. 4.  Demoulding agent spraying device is equipped with a wide oil recovery hopper for easy cleaning and maintenance.  
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