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Concrete spreader

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The concrete spreader is devoted to manufacturing wall panels, double-wall panels, columns, floor slabs, etc. It is used particularly when the inner Plant concrete distribution is by aerial wagon. The concrete spreader is employed to pour the fresh concrete into the shuttered and reinforced pallets. It receives concrete directly from the mixer or via a bucket conveyor and pours it in accordance with element contours or thickness. The concrete spreader can be controlled either manually or automatically.


  1. A loading system is set up to reflect the feeding line in the hopper in real-time.
  2. The volume of hopper matches the general mixing volume of concrete. It can seamlessly connect with the original mixing equipment of customers. The traveling speed of the big and small cars can be adjusted and controlled in real-time.
  1. It has two modes of remote control operation and panel operation. The remote control is convenient and free to operate, and the panel can realize automatic material distribution.
  2. It is equipped with overload protection and flow control devices to ensure stable performance and smooth operation.
  3. The automatic distribution function can be realized by online programming, and the laser marker can be installed, which can be precisely in place.
  4. The multi-material door is controlled separately to satisfy the material distribution requirement of complex components. The geometric dimension of the cleaning door is not obstructed by material jamming, and it is convenient to flush. Material is distributed through the winch output shaft, so the starting and stopping are convenient and fast, and the cutting quantity is controlled accurately.
  5. The walking system is designed according to the process requirement, which can realize multi-station material distribution and meet the production needs of different components.
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