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Concrete bucket conveyor

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The Concrete bucket conveyor is employed to transfer the fresh concrete from the batching plant to Concrete spreader. This machine is devoted to manufacturing wall panels, double wall panels, columns, floor slabs, ETC and is used particularly when the inner Plant concrete distribution is by aerial wagon.


1. The Concrete bucket conveyor traveling motor is controlled by a frequency converter, and the track is equipped with a deceleration switch, which can make the whole traveling process smooth and smooth.

2. Special sealing device and hydraulic system, tightly sealed without slurry leakage

3. The volume of hopper matches the volume of the distributor and can be fed once.

4. Equipped with remote control operation and multi-function button, it can realize multi-point feeding and satisfy multiple situations in the production process.

5. Fifth, equipped with a vibration motor, can make hopper blanking clean.

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