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Compacting equipment

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Compacting equipment is used to vibrate and compact the concrete on the turning pallets after the material is distributed.

Equipment Composition:

Compacting equipment consists of a fixed base, a shaking table, vibration absorption and lifting device, a locking mechanism, a hydraulic system, and an electrical control system.

Functional introduction:

There are three groups of fixed pedestal and shaking pedestals, which are arranged sequentially before and after. There are a vibration reduction and lifting device between the fixed pedestal and the shaking table. The vibration reduction and lifting device are composed of air spring and limit device. The revolving platform is placed on the shaking table. Shaking table locking device is locked, the turning table and shaking table are locked together, and the distributor distributes material in the pallet. After the distribution is finished, the shaking table rises and vibrates again, and the concrete in the pallet is vibrated and compacted.
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