Stationary precast concrete production line

stationary precast concrete production line

Description of stationary precast concrete production line

The stationary precast concrete production line has the advantages of less equipment investment and flexible production organization.

The production line is equipped with high-efficiency single point distributing machine, which can realize remote control distribution and high operation efficiency, and is more suitable for the distribution of narrow interface of beam column, formwork erection component and stair component.

In addition to general construction, the precast concrete production line can also produce heterosexual components.

stationary precast pallets

Production pallets

Production pallets: Super large production pallets, mm error; long width can be customized, the structure is solid and durable, the fatigue strength is large, the finite element analysis is used to optimize the design, with less deformation and long service life.

Concrete spreader machine

Concrete spreader system

Including Precast batching plant, Concrete bucket conveyor,Concrete spreader.

Concrete bucket conveyor: Adopt frequency conversion adaptive drive; high speed, high efficiency; seamless connection of mixing station and production line, fully automatic operation; and provide hand-held wireless remote control, more convenient for maintenance and operation.

Concrete spreader: Program control intelligent distribution, perfect distribution according to the drawings; paver or spiral distribution machine can be configured according to the type and nature of concrete of customers.

Precast elements can be produced

Precast panel components: including all kinds of precast panels such as exterior wall panels, interior wall panels, composite floor panels, air conditioning panels, etc.

Special-shaped components: PCF panels, stairs, balconies, floating windows, beams and columns

Precast concrete wall panel production line