Lightweight concrete wall panel production line

Lightweight concrete wall panel machine

Description of lightweight concrete wall panel battery mould production line

The lightweight concrete wall panel machine is using advanced battery mould technology. It can use different kinds of raw materials to produce different types of wall panels. The production line will be designed according to customers’ raw materials and production capacity.

1. Lightweight concrete wall panel production line mainly uses lightweight aggregate (expanded perlite, ceramsite, shale,  EPS particles, volcanic ash, etc.), cementitious materials (cement, gypsum, magnesite cement, etc.), fillers (fly  ash, slag, sand,plant fiber, tailings, construction waste, etc.), reinforcement materials (glass fiber, steel wire, plastic steel, etc.), and foaming agent to produce foamed concrete. Using different raw materials, the weight,  strength, sound insulation and heat preservation performance of wall panels will be different. Main use: used for internal and external wall of frame structure house, boundary wall, and fence wall.

2. Multiple-use of one machine. By changing spares, one machine can produce hollow core wall panel(round holes or square holes), solid wall panel, EPS sandwich wall panel, GRC wall panel, insulated sandwich wall panel, etc.

3. The concrete wall panel production line can be manual, semi-automatic, automatic according to the customer’s production requirements and investment budget.

4. With less manpower, small plant area, flexible and mobile, it can be used for site production.

Production line

Mixing system

Mixing system

Fully mixing system including material storage equipment, materials transport system, weighting system, foaming machine, and mixer.
1. Material storage equipment including cement silo, fly ash bin, lightweight aggregate bin, additive storage tank, etc.
2. Materials transport system including screw conveyor, bucket elevator, belt conveyor, water pump, metering pump, etc.
3. Foaming machine is used to produce foam concrete panels.
4. Mixer: different type and capacity of mixers according to production

Concrete mortar pump

Mobile mortar pump

1. Convenient installation, simple operation, continuous long-time operation; 2. The pump sends various fibers and paste, cut the sensitivity, abrasion or gas liquid-solid mixture of perfect choice, the material of less than 4-6mm in diameter; 3. Can be easily pumped fluid erosion, high viscosity, high density of the fluid, and the paste fluid; 4. The mortar pump does not need to replace the seals, gaskets, impeller rotor, various pump stator or traditional internal components; 5. Pump clockwise movement and no-reflow and siphon phenomenon, and has cut-off valve function; inversion, fluid can be sent out and suck back; 6. Pump fluid and speed are proportional, can accurately measure.

Lightweight concrete wall panel battery mould machine

Lightweight concrete wall panel machine

Mixer:different capacity of mixers according to production
The lightweight concrete wall panel machine can produce different types of wall panels with different kinds of raw materials.
1. Hydraulic opening and closing,combined aluminum alloy mould,one battery mould can produce 10-20pcs concrete wall panels.
2. The length and thickness of concrete wall panel are adjustable.The machine will be made according to the max.length wall panel..
3. Large structural rigidity, high forming accuracy, accurate thickness and good flatness.
4. The concrete wall panel machine can be equiped with heating system and vibarating system. According to raw material characteristics and production demand.

Panel demoulding system

Wall panel demoulding system

Wall panel demoulding system have three types of wall panel demoulding systems: manual lifting system, concrete wall panel stacker system, group panel lifting system Manual lifting system: Lifting 1-2 panels at a time, lifting from top of machine, simple and flexible operation, low investment Concrete wall panel stacker system: Pull out the wall panels from the end of the concrete wall panel machine, demoulding 5-10 panels at a time. High levelness requirements for track and concrete wall panel machines. Group panel lifting system: Lifting concrete panels from the top of machines, lifting 5-10 panels at a time.The load bearing track shall be installed above the concrete wall panel machines.operation.

Lightweight hollow core wall panel

Concrete panel storage

The deposit environment should be suitable. The light wall panel can be stored in the open air or in the factory according to the local temperature and humidity. After production, lightweight wall panel shall experience a period of maintenance period, which is generally no less than 20 days. Light wall panel shall be stacked correctly. After demoulding, it is usually in the initial setting state of the slurry. Generally, stacking is adopted. According to different products, each stack can be stacked to 2-3m high.

Precast elements can be produced

Lightweight wall panel battery mould can produce different types of wall panels with different kinds of raw materisl: including all kinds of precast panels such as hollow core wall panel(foam concrete or normal concrete, EPS sandwich wall panel, double line hole wall panel, sandwich wall panel, ceramic particle wall panel, square holes hollow core wall panel,gypsum wall panel,hollow blocks,boundary wall panel, etc.

Lightweight concrete wall panels including concrete hollow core wall panel, eps sandwich wall panel