Flexible precast concrete production line

Precast concrete wall panel production line with flexible plant

Description of Flexible precast concrete production line

Precast concrete wall panel production line with flexible plant not only has the low equipment input of the stationary production, but also has the characteristics of high mechanization and automation of the automatic precast concrete production line.

The production line is equipped with a central shifter, which can automatically dispatch the production pallets according to the principle of first completing and first entering the next process. It has the characteristics of flexible production organization and high flexibility.

Flexible precast concrete production line can realize automatic flow control like assembly line. In addition to general precast concrete wall panel, flexible automatic production line can also produce different precast components.

Production line composition

Precast concrete plank control system

Control system

The operation platform has automatic / HMI / manual, free switching, convenient control; production line operation fault display, fault point query; each operation station can be operated by a separate operation box, convenient use; the operation platform adopts segmented line side operation; main components and parts are equipped with international famous brands as required; the whole station is equipped with frequency converter, accurate positioning and energy saving.

Production pallets side shifter

Central production pallets transport system

The main equipment of the central production pallets transport system is the side shifter. It has the following characteristics:
1. Driven by servo motor, high positioning accuracy; 2. The ferry system composed of the lifting translation car can meet the two-dimensional ferry requirements of the production process, ensure the synchronous control of the traveling speed of the trailer, and automatically identify the station number; 3. After the completion of the work, the ferry car will stop automatically, and the equipment will enter the standby state. Except for the signal system, the power mechanism will be in the state of zero energy consumption. 4. Automatically decelerate before approaching the destination track, and automatically stop in place after arriving; 5. During the operation of the equipment, the transportation task can be changed after cancellation; 6. Design parameters: the load capacity shall not be less than 20 tons; 7. It can realize manual and automatic operation functions, and the remote control mode has high requirements for position accuracy.

Pallet cleaning machine

Pallets preprocessing system

Including Pallet cleaning machine, Demouling agent spraying device
Pallet cleaning machine:Double roller brush cleaning, easy to clean the concrete residue and dust on the production pallets, with higher cleaning efficiency and better cleaning effect.
Demouling agent spraying device:The production pallets automatically sprays the release agent when passing, atomizes the spray, makes the spray more even, does not leave the dead angle, the effect is better; the unique design wide oil recovery hopper, consumes less material, is convenient for cleaning.

precast concrete production batching plant

Concrete spreader system

Including Precast batching plant, Concrete bucket conveyor,Concrete spreader,Compacting equipment,Vibration leveling equipment,Smoothing equipment.

Concrete bucket conveyor: Adopt frequency conversion adaptive drive; high speed, high efficiency; seamless connection of mixing station and production line, fully automatic operation; and provide hand-held wireless remote control, more convenient for maintenance and operation.

Concrete spreader: Program control intelligent distribution, perfect distribution according to the drawings; paver or spiral distribution machine can be configured according to the type and nature of concrete of customers.

Vibration leveling equipment:The vibration problem between the vibrating plate and the vibrating frame is effectively solved by adopting two-stage shock absorption, and the flat driving mode of the trolley walking is realized to realize the full coverage and flat driving of the formwork platform.

Smoothing equipment:The height of the trowel plate is adjustable, which can meet the production needs of prefabricated plates of different thicknesses; the horizontal and longitudinal traveling speed is adjustable by frequency conversion, which can ensure stable operation.

Steam curing system

Curing system

Including Pre curing kiln,Solid curing kiln, Stacker system
Pre curing kiln:Adopt low height design, effectively reduce heating space and energy consumption; adopt lifting type door opening and closing, automatic induction in and out of production pallets, reduce heat loss in the kiln, high efficiency and energy saving.
Solid curing kiln:The multi-layer stacked design greatly meets the needs of mass production, and can meet the requirements of 8-hour component maintenance; each maintenance room can achieve independent and accurate temperature and humidity control, and ensure the upper and lower temperatures are uniform; steam dry heat and direct spray steam humidification; the layout can choose pit type and ground type, and the floor height of each floor can be customized according to the production type.

Titling machine

Demoulding system

The main equipement for demoulding system is the tilting equipment.
Tilting equipment:The hydraulic synchronous technology is adopted to effectively ensure the rollover accuracy; the unique hydraulic top component device greatly improves the efficiency of rollover and demoulding.

Precast elements can be produced

Precast panel components: including all kinds of precast panels such as exterior wall panels, interior wall panels, double wall, composite floor panels, air conditioning panels, etc.

Special-shaped components: PCF panels, stairs, balconies, floating windows, beams and columns


Precast concrete wall panel production line