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Process design

We shall carry on the precast concrete plant planning&investment cost estimating according to Party A’s requirement&land status and offer all the technology contents for precast concrete elements manufacturing and production system planning based on capacity requirement and production process features. We also offer complete technology services (include precast concrete plant factory planning, production line technology planning, site logistics system, off-site logistics system, site people circulation, off-site circulation, vertical&lifting system, security protection system, production technology system, personnel allocation, water supply&drainage system, steam curing system,etc..)

1. Precast concrete plant factory layout&design

Carry on the factory planning&investment cost estimating according to Party A’s requirement&land status:
1. Supply the reasonable proposals for the site selection of Party A according to the requirement such as capacity, logistics, model, transportation radius,etc..
2. Carry on the overall design according to the site supplied by Party A.
3. Reconstruction and planning for the existing factory, factory planning layout based on the existing factory.
4. The main production workshop planning includes area and span,etc..
5. Factory components storage yard planning include area and associated equipment&facilities,etc..
6. The auxiliary functional facilities planning include boiler room, pump room, and transformer,etc..
7. Initial planning for an office building, apartment building, dining room,etc..
8. Planning for logistics road, pedestrian access, and other vehicle access,etc..
9. Offer the plan and sketch for factory planning
10. Offer the scheme of the factory construction period
11. Factory building investment analysis and estimating including Factory building investment analysis and estimating including civil engineering investment and equipment investment,etc..

2. Process design

All technology contents for manufacturing of precast concrete components
1. Design description for entire process flow diagram of PC components manufacture
2. External wall production technology(include the front&back manufacture)
3. Interior wall production technology
4. Superimposed wall production technology
5. Production technology for air conditioning slab, parapet wall
6. Profiled components such as stair, balcony, PCF slab,etc..
7. Other production technology of PC components
8. Component maintenance technology design

3. Precast concrete plant production system planning

Offer production system planning according to capacity requirements&production technology characteristics
1. Precast concrete components production line layout planning according to product types and production technology including mixed production line, production line of external wall, production line of interior wall, production line of superimposed wall, fixed production line of mold platform.
2. Layout planning for concrete mixing& transportation mode
3. Determinate the layout planning&turnover way of steel reinforcement processing system
4. Vertically hoisting system planning between the precast concrete plant and stockage yard.
5. Material turnover way planning among the production process
6. Auxiliary function area layout& planning in the production workshop.
7. Planning such as safe access&pedestrian path in the production workshop
8. Components storage and transportation mode planning

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