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We guarantee the best solutions and highest quality machinery in the precast concrete planks

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SOKE Precast Concrete Machine CO., Ltd is an OEM supplier of machinery and production planks for precast concrete products. Using advanced foam concrete technology, battery mould including precast concrete hollow core slab machine, roof slab machines, lightweight wall panel machines, fence wall panel machines, concrete post/pillar machines, concrete paver machines, and concrete brick machines. We can supply you the fully solution for the concrete production and our products are highly praised by customers.

precast concrete plant and machine

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Stationary precast production line,Double T beam moulds


Hollow core wall panel production line 20m3/year.It can produce lightweight foam concrete hollow core wall panels with different sizes 90mm,100mm,120mm,150mm


Prestressed concrete hollow core slab machine.One machine can produce 400m hollow core slab per day

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